ZKL offers a fast-paced career with global exposure to best business practices and a chance to be at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. We believe in a vibrant and open door approach where hierarchies do not matter. ZKL offers you one of the best environments for career development and progression. A strong performance culture and a fully automated in-house appraisal system ensure that your career is chalked out and defined in line with your individual growth, and the overall growth of the organisation.

Core Values:


  • Business Ethics
  • Customer Focus
  • Organisational & Professional Pride
  • Mutual Respect & Trust
  • Innovation & Speed
  • Total Quality for Excellence


Life and Culture:

People form the core of our organization and we believe that they are our greatest asset. As a result, ZKL endeavours to create the best work place for people that would help combine efficient work with a balanced life. We encourage our people to connect, communicate and celebrate the essence of life along with work. Our work culture promotes customer focus, strong work ethics, operational transparency and teamwork. ZKL believes in a feedback-oriented culture for continuous improvement. This is done through regular employee surveys, which garner feedback from all the stakeholders involved to achieve process improvements. Initiatives like these lead to customer delight, externally as well as employee skill improvement, internally.

Open Communication:

Connecting and communicating is a mantra that we advocate at large. Platforms and programs are organised to nurture creativity and bring out the artist within, and even share experiences make people interactions both interesting and effective.

Our Resources:

We look for people who are adaptable, self-motivated, passionate, creative team players. We are growing in dynamic new ways and we recognise that the right people offering their new ideas and expertise will enable us to continue our success. We strive to create an environment where people give their best for mutual benefit and prosperity. Hence maximisation of human potential is the cornerstone for ZKL.

Equal Opportunity Employer: 

At ZKL we are an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive an equal consideration for employment. Employment decisions are based on merit only irrespective of caste, creed, religion or sex.

Career Advancement Opportunities:

ZKL has well established talent management systems in place to ensure that the company delivers on its promise of providing exponential growth and challenge to all employees.

  • Performance Management : ZKL has a standardised and formalised performance management system. A KPA based system is designed to assess functional, managerial and potential competence in an objective and transparent manner. The system is designed to accomplish the overall organisational vision and mission by linking individual performance to the company’s objectives and strike a balance between performance and competence to help individuals excel in their fields.


  • Career Paths : A formal career path and development process exists in ZKL. All career paths have an underlying management structure. Promotions within each career path are aligned with the needs of the organisation. Succession criteria for leadership positions in each career path have been identified, which provide basis for job rotation.


  • Leadership Development : Potential employees are assessed for leadership competence and are groomed to occupy leadership positions in the company. Individual development plans are made to ensure that the process of development and growth is meaningful.


So, if you’re an achiever with a passion for setting and attaining goals, you’ll find many opportunities for being recognised at ZKL. Come, join the field of never ending opportunities…..

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Corporate Office:- 16 Strand Road Diamond Heritage Building 15th Floor, Room no:- 1511 Opposite of Fairly Place Bus Stop, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal, India

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