Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings

Single-row tapered roller bearings are of separable construction. The inner ring is assembled with a cage and the rollers and has to be used along with the outer ring for operation. The rings are to be mounted separately on to the machine during assembly – – Inner ring on the shaft and outer ring on to the housing and then they have to be put together carefully. They are manufactured in multiple series. They feature high rigidity, reasonably low friction and the ability to transmit high radial and single-direction axial load.

The intensity of the axial load transmitted depends on the size of the contact angle. Through paired arrangement of two bearings in Back-to-Back or Face-to-Face, bi-directional axial load-carrying capacity can be achieved.

The single-row tapered roller bearings are manufactured both in metric and inch dimensions.

The bearings are manufactured with normal accuracy. However, bearings with higher running accuracy can also be supplied.

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